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The SSD is make use of most of the time, using the Hard disk drive only rotating as much as copy information from the Solid state drive towards the hard drive when required. This is not a complete SSD substitute, simply …

Although, maybe the SSD portion can be used as a high-speed cache instead of using the hard drive ? It seems like a software thing, where the system would swap between the solid state and mechanical drives . …

I have a new windows7 computer that boots of a solid state drive . I have the OS installed on the 30ish GB OCZ vertex SSD and the applications and data on a 1TB sata 3.5″ drive . It does boot quick! Application performance does not seem to differ much as once the program is running, it’s not using the hard drive . Swap space (scratch disk ) should be on a traditional hard drive

The replacement for platter-based disk drives may be as close as your pocket MP3 player. SSD , or solid – state disk , systems are changing the way enterprises views storage for workstations and data centers.

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